Creating a connected, vibrant, and innovative community.

Projects-Matter works with start-ups, small businesses, nonprofits, foundations, and corporations to build thriving communities


We build strong connections across sectors.


We bring the right people together to implement change.


We advocate, accelerate and share good models.


We create, evaluate, and scale innovative ideas.


We identify innovative approaches to meet local needs.

About Projects-Matter

After years of working with communities, we saw holes that went unfilled, rivers without bridges to ease crossing, and torn fabric that needed to be stitched. 

Projects-Matter was founded because we felt these problems require similar solutions, the ability to connect two or more entities and multiply resources, opportunities, and enhance community vitality. 

We work with local leaders, residents, funders, and organizations to create great places that provide good paying jobs, thriving businesses, and neighborhoods where people can live, learn, work, and play. 

Great Humans Working with Projects-Matter

Lauren Caldarera

Lauren enjoys developing partnerships to support innovative ideas and creative thinking in the US and abroad. In her work, Lauren brings together business and civic leaders to build collaborative initiatives, secure local and federal funding, and develop workforce and education programs that create economic vitality in communities. Lauren holds a Bachelors of Arts in Anthropology and a Masters in Public Administration and Nonprofit Management. As a real human, Lauren is learning to play the fiddle, raise two adventurous kids, and hike, bike, and garden in the time between.

Erika Hornsey

Erika is an experienced community engagement practitioner with proven skills in stakeholder relations, strategic planning, board development, community investment, and program implementation. She has a unique combination of work experience in the nonprofit sector and oil and gas industry focused on collaborative solutions. Erika has held executive leadership positions in the nonprofit sector for a decade. She has a Bachelor of Arts & Contemporary Studies from Ryerson University, Toronto.  Erika minored in nonprofit management and specialized in equity and diversity studies. During the last year of her degree, Erika also received certificates in volunteer management and fund development.  Erika’s husband Brendan and three-year-old daughter Poppy enjoy spending weekends tackling home projects and taking trips back to Canada to visit family and friends.

Patricia Monticello Kievlan, Ed.M.

Tricia helps people connect more effectively and work more creatively with the people they serve. Based in Houston after interludes in San Francisco and Pittsburgh, she has worked with nonprofits, school districts, museums, libraries, and foundations to help organizations understand their stakeholders’ needs and develop creative, collaborative solutions. She spent the first decade of her career working in schools as a teacher and administrator, and she has since moved into the nonprofit sector as a writer, facilitator, and strategic consultant. She’s also a classically trained pianist and singer, an avid cyclist, and parent to an exuberant toddler. Tricia holds a master’s degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a bachelor’s degree in Plan II Honors and English from the University of Texas at Austin.

Shaneka Jones

Shaneka Jones is currently pursuing her bachelors in Creative writing at the university of Houston Downtown. A recipient of the Dr-Yung-Fa-Chang scholarship and writer for the Bayou Review, she is an ardent wordsmith. When she’s not working or studying she is regularly attending volunteer events in the Houston area and writing blog posts for the Houston Community ToolBank. She is social media free and fills up her free time skating in abandoned malls and rollerblading in the park. When she’s not adulting, she is pursuing her 5 year passion of avidly contemplating learning to play the piano.

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